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In the relatively short period of independence, quite a lot of brands have appeared in Ukraine that produce truly high-quality, competitive products. Naturally, most of them work mainly on imported equipment. Danke belongs to this kind of company: the full production cycle is located in Odessa, and the plant is fully equipped with German equipment and technology. Production equipment from Germany has been considered a benchmark among its competitors for many decades.

DankeDanke Elesgo

If we compare Danke products with analogues, they have a lot to gain in terms of technical characteristics: the window sill board is covered with a unique Elesgo laminate, which is many times superior to PVC film and CPL in terms of service life. Despite their high strength, Danke window sills have a complex patented design that reduces the weight of the finished product, thereby simplifying installation.

Interior with Danke

You can spend a long time describing the positive aspects of any product, but as they say: the best theory is practice. The manufacturer claims that any product can withstand not only strong mechanical stress, but also open fire. This was confirmed experimentally: even after dropping a hot frying pan and wiping it with an ordinary cloth, there were no traces left at all! The unique surface does not absorb fine dirt in the form of dust or soil from flower pots; you can even put out cigarette butts on it. The manufacturer claims that with proper use, a beautiful, well-groomed appearance can last for years, and therefore provides an official 10-year guarantee on all its products.

Danke and child

To see with your own eyes the key aspects of the production of these window sills, we recommend that you watch this video.

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